It’s a Wrap, 2018!

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Hello! And Happy New Year…even though it’s already February. I know I haven’t been the best at keeping up with this blog the last couple years — something I’m hoping to change in 2019.

I have many weddings & shoots that I need to get posted on here, and I’m going to do my best to get them up, even if they are older or not as current. Why not start with my favorites from the past year?

So, 2018 was actually my first year of doing my photography completely full-time (i.e. without having a part-time job on the side, or shooting for someone else) and it was exciting, challenging, uplifting, and very rewarding.

I’ve learned a lot, some of which was not expected. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2018 was also wonderful for many other reasons. I got to do some traveling, speak at Bedford’s PhotoCon (OKC) and PhotoExpo (Memphis), speak at OKC’s Metro Camera Club, speak to some classes at UCO, mentor two incredible interns in UCO’s photography program, see some familiar faces, and meet plenty of new ones.

While looking through my images, I kept thinking about how truly thankful I am that this is my career. At the end of the day, the best part of this is the connecting with who is in front of my camera, and experiencing/sharing these moments with them.

Also, when I went to pick out my favorites for the past year, I originally flagged over 400 images (!) to post here. I could never tell you my number one favorite photo overall, but I can tell you about some of my favorite memories when shooting them, or how I felt while doing so.

Overall, another beautiful year.

Thank you to those who shared it with me. And thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy seeing what 2018 was like for me.

Bring it on 2019.


(Photos in no particular order)

An in-camera double exposure from Faith and Davy’s wedding at Majestic Pines, in Newcastle, OK.
Amber and Lacy at Four Corners Ranch
One of my favorite outtakes! Sarah and Cary at a skate park in south OKC.
A photo from Abbie and Clay’s engagement session at The Speakeasy in OKC.
The Montgomery family at Will Rogers Park in OKC.
Lena, Brandon, and pups at Pat Murphy Park in OKC. (I may have made some pretty weird noises to get all of the dogs’ attention)
Sometimes the Oklahoma wind is my friend. Anna during her bridal session at Will Rogers Park. You can see more of her bridal session here.
Alex and Quinn at Spain Ranch’s Black Barn in Tulsa, OK. See more of their engagement session here!
Faith and Davy at Majestic Pines in Newcastle, OK.
The Montgomerys at Coney Island in Shawnee, OK.
The Montgomerys at Hamburger King in Shawnee, OK.
Amber and Lacy in their getaway car, leaving the reception after their wedding.
The Edwards clan in a random parking lot in OKC, being cute with their pups.
A candid of Gay and a guest during she and Rachel’s reception at Rose Briar.
Part of being a photographer is being lucky and anticipation – both are present here. It started thundering during Angela and Johnnie’s reception, and I wanted to show the entire scene. I went to where I could frame the whole setting, waited, and shot a ton of photos until I caught the thunder.
A perfect intruder! During Kyle and Jamie’s wedding, there were 3 dogs that were just always photo-bombing (while also just being cute), and this one ended up being a favorite.
One of my best friends got engaged while we met up in Colorado, and I loved being able to document it. See more about Erika and Shawn here.
Shelby is so sweet and beautiful inside & out! Website portraits for her real estate business in Tulsa, OK.
Brennah and Collin browsing at Guestroom Records in OKC.
My Moms, and sisters in Red River, NM.
LaKrisha’s brother after her wedding ceremony.
A tiny snapshot of what my day-to-day looks like at home.
A photo of Scott and Jenna during their engagement session at their favorite antique store, Antique Co-op in OKC.

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