Alex and Quinn Engagement Session

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I promise I will get to Alex and Quinn in a moment (their story is insanely cute – TV/Movie storyline material.)

But first a cute story of Alex and…Alex (me.)

When I was little, my Uncle Brian worked at Marshall Elementary in Tulsa, OK with Jamie (Alex’s mom,) and we got the perks of going on field trips with them. We also would spend days at Marshall Elementary with them when they would do “outdoor schooling”, which was exactly as fun as it sounds.

In the 90s, we didn’t have social media or the easy access of communication we have today, So Alex and I grew up and lost touch.

Who knew that in 20 years I would grow up, and photograph Alex with her fiancé Quinn?

Anyways, the story gets better…

Alex and Quinn grew up across the street from each other, played together as kids. Their houses were literally diagonally across, on the same street. After school when they got off the bus, Quinn would walk Alex home from the bus stop each day, all the way to her front door, and carry her books/bag. What a sweetie right?

Below are some photos that show Alex and Quinn in front of a cute little white picket fence with a rose bush behind them – that’s the place they had their first day of school photos taken over the years growing up.

You can’t make this stuff up, and as a photographer, you definitely can’t pass up the opportunity to shoot them there together either.

It gets even better.

When I made their preview slideshow for this shoot, one of the songs I used was “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear, because it reminded me of the episode of How I Met Your Mother – Window is Open. (You know, the one where the girl next door is finally single, and her neighbor calls Ted and says “the window is open”, yet the episode ends with a really cute video montage of the girl growing up next door to the guy she ends up reconnecting with and later marrying instead of Ted, as Two Weeks plays.) As a TV nerd it just felt right.

Alex texted me after seeing the slideshow preview and said Quinn was convinced that I was psychic, and knew they loved Grizzly Bear and that particular song (and Blind Pilot, another band I used in the slideshow.)

I have to note this for couples that are brainstorming engagement photos and ideas: drop the Pinterest ideas.

I’ve said it in the past, your engagement session is an opportunity to be photographed in places that are special or meaningful to you. I promise that the right photographer can make any location not just “work”, but look awesome. Think first date locations, where you met, the first place you said I love you…whatever. Just consider meaningful places for your engagement shoot, because it makes the shoot so much better, and it’s a small piece of your story.

(I’m knee deep in wedding season and it just brings out all the emotions in me so….sorry for the sap!)

Note: The first set of photos were shot at Spain Ranch’s Black Barn – and I was in photog heaven. There are SO MANY great composition opportunities, the natural light is perfect, and the staff is unforgettably sweet.

Alex and Quinn are so much fun, and so great to be around and photograph. Let’s just say I’m a fan for a number of reasons.


– AD

  1. Cathy Kincade-Walters

    November 10th, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    These are perfection!!! I especially love the ones on the sidewalk, in THE neighborhood. ♡

  2. It's a Wrap, 2018! -

    January 31st, 2019 at 7:39 am

    […] Alex and Quinn at Spain Ranch’s Black Barn in Tulsa, OK. See more of their engagement session here! Faith and Davy at Majestic Pines in Newcastle, OK. The Montgomerys at Coney Island in Shawnee, OK. […]

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