Mackey Wedding Backyard Wedding in Moore, OK

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Angela and Johnnie’s wedding day was fluid, natural, welcoming, and heartfelt. The whole day — every aspect.

There was a lot of laughter, happy tears, and just pure joy. I truly wish everyone could attend a wedding like Angela and Johnnie’s to feel the flood of emotions. It was one of those days that when I’m done and sitting at my computer backing up the photos, I was just thankful that this really is my job, and that Angela and Johnnie chose to share such a wonderful day with me.

I love every single wedding I photograph — but I especially love when couples don’t sweat the small stuff, are just happy to get married, and consider/do what they can to make sure their guests have a great time and get to actually spend time with them.

I know that weddings can be stressful. There’s a lot of money, time, and pressure with planning and executing. The thing is, wedding days are an opportunity to spend it with those that matter the most, all together, in one place.

I’m always more drawn to couples with this vision over couples that just want a more aesthetically pleasing wedding as the main priority. With weddings, I don’t care about your decor, or how expensive it is, I care about the moments, big and small, and the people you invited to celebrate your day with.

It was difficult picking the images to blog, and near impossible to put into words how amazing the day was. I know these images can’t tell you the whole story, there’s no way to explain it to you, but hopefully, they will give you a scope. I can only share pieces of what I saw, and a taste of what it felt like.


– AD




Makeup Artist- Adrianna Standfill

Hair- Ali of Chelsey Ann Artistry

Dress- The Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses- CharmingDIY

Tux- Banana Republic

Ties- Dazi

Hotel (getting ready photos)- Colcord Hotel

Tents- OKC Tents and Moore

Catering- Zoe’s Kitchen

Sound- Dean Brown at Norman Music Institute

Second Shooter(s)/Assistant(s)- Kelsey Smith & Alex Fox

Florals- Farrah Payton-Snider

Floral Supply- Greenleaf Wholesale Florists

Angela and Johnnie killed it with the music (and dancing skills – scroll to see), so I am going to share their Spotify playlists:

Ceremony and Dinner Playlist

First Dances & Reception Playlist

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