My Family Vacation in Red River, NM

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Hey, hello, hi!

Back in January, I went on a proper winter vacation with my family to Red River, NM.

I’ve never been on a vacation that didn’t include a beach at some point, (minus going to Branson, MO) and I’ve never spent time in New Mexico other than passing through. So a few weeks ago, my Moms, sisters, and I took an extended weekend trip Red River. We ate a lot, went to the amazing candy store (twice), saw all the deer, visited the Rio Grande, and did some serious sledding.

Candy Mountain Fudge has some pretty delicious and interesting fudge flavors.  Since we were in New Mexico, I ended up buying some of the green chile pistachio fudge, which was an excellent combination. You can order their homemade fudge online too, if you’d like to try it out.  Also, if you’re ever in town and love food—grab a bite at Capo’s.

Anyway, I have to say Red River is  freaking awesome.  It’s been a minute since I used my camera for anything personal— I didn’t realize how much I missed just being playful with photography. I rented the Sigma 24mm Art and Tamron 45mm from Bedford to take on the trip and I really loved shooting with the 24mm.

Here’s a few of my favorite shots. Enjoy!



The multiple exposures were so much fun to mess with during sledding. My camera (Nikon D5) has a cool feature that allows me to set a number of photos to take in a series and combines them into one image after shooting x amount of photos. There’s a couple of options for overlay modes depending on your shooting situation. In this case I went with the darken mode because the camera will choose the darkest pixels. You’ll see the trees and any thing darker than the snow has multiplied.

For the photo above, I had the camera set to take 5 photos before combining the photos into one single image. I took 4 photos of Cindy and Finley sledding and shot one of my mom. I was just curious to see what would happen when I mixed the subjects. I think there is a lot of potential with this feature and kinda kicking myself for not messing with it before.

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