Another trip around the sun-2016

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Hello, and congratulations — you’ve stumbled upon an extended blog post about my 2016 photo experiences.

I know you’ve probably heard everyone say this but, this year went by so fast. It’s been a challenging, fun, and beautiful year.

Towards the end of 2016, Howie, my now former business partner, received an amazing opportunity to move to New York City…and he did! It’s been quite an adjustment taking over everything by myself, to be honest. Fortunately, it’s also been very rewarding.

Also of note, I started working for Randy Coleman Photography doing editing and working as a second shooter for his weddings. This is one of the best things that has happened to me this year. I love my job, and I love working with the RCP family — as we like to say. Along with working for Randy Coleman, Howie and I had a very busy wedding season this year. So basically, I lived and breathed weddings all year long. I love it.

This post isn’t just weddings, engagement sessions, family portraits, and boudoir, along with some other types of photography I was hired for.

So, grab a drink and enjoy!

I set a couple of codes this past year for shooting weddings:

  • Shoot for clients–not social media
  • Truly love your clients and understand their needs/concerns
  • The day of experience with me is just as important as the final images I deliver
  • Moment trumps everything

(Note: Some of the images below were taken while second shooting for Randy Coleman Photography.)

Payton got ready for her wedding at her mother’s house, where her grandmother also lives– when we arrived her grandmother said we could put our gear in her room if we would like, and so we did just that. About an hour later, I went to grab something from my bag and stopped before I got to the door, I noticed she was putting on her makeup for her granddaughters wedding.

No one can take away your air guitar.

No one can take away your air guitar.

Cora and her father watching the processional before he walks her down the isle.

“This picture shows how much I love my husband, he has the sweetest soul I have ever met! I’m crying over Stephanie’s made of honor speech and he leans over and kisses my shoulder! I will cherish forever!! It makes me fall in love with him all over again!” – Amber

Last minute veil touch ups and reception bliss.

The first time your family sees you in your wedding dress.

When your best friend knows just what to say.

When your dad gets married, and you gain a bonus mom.

That moment before you put on your wedding dress.

Weddings are emotional, crazy, symbolic, traditional, beautiful, hilarious, and always a ton of fun.

Along with shooting weddings, I shot numerous engagement sessions for upcoming 2017 weddings. One thing I emphasize with these shoots is for the couple’s personalities to truly come out and be front and center, which is always fun, and always different.

(Side note: I love when couples bring their dogs!)

Boudoir is something I’ve had an interest in shooting for quite some time, thanks to my love of learning about photo history. In the 1920s, nudity and partial nudity were sometimes found in photography, but not necessarily common. Fast forward to Marilyn Monroe and pinup photography being used to advertise a few decades later, and here we are today. These sessions are always so much fun for both me and the client, while also being challenging in the best of ways.

Lifestyle portraits are another one of my favorite types of sessions to shoot. I love how families are much more comfortable in their own homes. I basically get to be a fly on the wall and photograph truly candid and genuine moments between families. It means so much that I can do this for my clients, because I know what the final product means to them.




This year I started shooting something I have never shot before — FOOD! I have been shooting for S&B Burger Joints throughout the year, as well as a few other great restaurants.

This year OKC Pride hired me to document their annual weekend festival. I absolutely LOVED shooting Pride. My only regret is that I can’t be multiple places at once — there is so much going on at the different bars and locations at the same time. Still, I caught what I could, met some great people, and enjoyed every second of it.








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