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I love photographing old friends, especially when I know their family. Its seriously the best. Ashlee and I were best friends from middle school through our senior year before going to different colleges. There are so many funny…and sometimes embarrassing moments we’ve shared- mostly funny. Anyways, when Ashlee asked me to photograph her wedding saying […]

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People don’t just randomly appear in our lives. I believe in lots of strange/unlikely things, like Big Foot and UFOs — but coincidences are not one of them. I believe in purpose and reason. Let me explain. I met Todd and Luke while shooting for OKC Pride last year. They were with Keith and Eric, two guys […]


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You know, getting around to blogging isn’t my strong suit between traveling for weddings, and catching up on editing, but here I am. I have more weddings to come, but I wanted to take some time out and post this one. In college Miranda was my go-to model for projects, while Landon my roommate at […]

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What a crazy, beautiful, fun wedding day. Kara and Ethan got married at Majestic Pines. I really can’t say enough about how much I love shooting there. It’s truly a beautiful venue, and the staff goes above and beyond to accommodate — and they are always super fun. The first time I met Kara and Ethan we […]


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