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Hey, hello, hi! Back in January, I went on a proper winter vacation with my family to Red River, NM. I’ve never been on a vacation that didn’t include a beach at some point, (minus going to Branson, MO) and I’ve never spent time in New Mexico other than passing through. So a few weeks […]

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So, I’ve known LaKhrisha for years since working together at Louie’s back in the day. Myself and many others know her simply as Luda, which is pretty much the best nickname ever. I was obviously pumped when Luda informed me of her engagement to Chris, (!) and their decision to book me as their wedding photographer. […]


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So, I know where I want to spend all of my Sundays now. A friend of mine recently moved into an awesome loft apartment in OKC — and so naturally we did a portrait session to celebrate. I love shoots like this because I think it’s important to document the spaces we live in as […]

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  Back in November, I photographed Nikki and Candice’s wedding in Abilene TX at a giant, wonderful place called Rusted Oaks Estate. I actually met the two in person for the first time on their wedding day, but from talking to Nikki in the months leading up it was like we were old friends by […]


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